Love, Passion & a Strong Defence – What’s the Cost of Scoring? Rossendale United Press Release
18th November 2010
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Rossendale United players are doing their bit for sexual health awareness through wearing warm up tee shirts before matches that promotes the use of condoms.

Always keen to support local community initiatives, Club Chairman Steve Hobson said: ‘We do our best to fit in with our community and they support us in many different ways. We needed some tee shirts for warming up in and The Condom Collective had a message they wanted to promote. I suggested they provide us with the tee shirts with a message on they wanted to get across to people. Bingo we both got a result!’

Gareth Beck, Rossendale Teenage Health Co-ordinator said, ‘The Condom Collective is a collaborative partnership of many young people's services, but is driven by the three East Lancashire PCT Teenage Health Teams and Brook in Burnley; with an aim to make condoms acceptable, accessible and available to the under 25's in Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale.

"Our aim is to remove barriers and maximise opportunities for the under 25's to access appropriate services, so for Rossendale United to be willing to seen actively promoting positive sexual health puts them in the forefront of engagement with local partners and major national health initiatives."

Manager Paul Colgan, tongue in cheek, had the final word, ‘The Chairman said we needed to score more but I didn’t for a minute think he had this in mind for the lads!’

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