Journey to Antarctica in the wake of Shackleton
15th October 2013
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“Journey to Antarctica in the wake of Shackleton” was the topic of the presentation to the September meeting of the Friends of Rossendale Museum. 

The speaker, Richard Cowley of Whitworth, opened his presentation by describing some of the differences between the Arctic and the Antarctic.  He then talked of his journey to Antarctica describing the trip in detail and illustrating some of the beautiful sights seen in Antarctica - these included spectacular and colourful icebergs and ice formations and wildlife including several species of penguins, seals and albatrosses etc.

He then spoke about Shackleton’s attempt to reach the South Pole and his attempt to walk across Antarctica.  He discussed, and illustrated with photographs taken at the time, the many perils that Shackleton (affectionately known as ‘The Boss’) and his crew faced and the hardships they endured before being finally rescued.

Members thoroughly enjoyed a superb presentation evening which ended with a toast in rum to ‘The Boss!’ (pictured below)

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