Introduction to the Enneagram at The Old Post Office, Helmshore, Rossendale
24th June 2010
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'Seek first to understand, then to be understood' Stephen R. Covey

How often do you wish that people understood you better? Maybe you wish you could understand others better. How much would such understanding improve your relationships?

The Enneagram (any-a-gram) is a dynamic model that helps us to explore personality - our own and that of others. The name comes from the Greek words 'ennea' - nine - and 'grammos' - figure. It describes nine basic personality types or home spaces.

The Enneagram does not just put us in a box or give us a fixed personality. It allows us to identify the box that we're in and gives us options to explore life differently. This is why we describe the model as 'dynamic'. Once we understand our home space, the model shows us our strengths, areas for improvement, what happens when we are stressed and when we are relaxed. It helps us to identify stress factors and gives us the opportunity to choose to do things differently.

The way we run this workshop means that people with the same home space can discuss how they experience that space. More than that, it encourages us to explore other spaces and to better understand ourselves and others. The workshop consists of facilitator input, short experiential exercises, pair and small group discussion and individual work.

During the workshop, participants will explore:


  • The three centres of the Enneagram, leading to where we focus our attention
  • An introduction to the nine spaces of the Enneagram
  • The Passions of each space
  • The Virtues of each space
  • The Burdens and Blessings of each space
  • How best to appreciate each space.

While the basis of the Enneagram is in Spirituality and some of the terms used reflect that background, we aim to make the workshop as enjoyable as possible and will occasionally inject some appropriate humour as a means of cementing learning.

When? Sunday 27th June 2010
Where? The Old Post Office, Helmshore
Investment: £50.00

To book or for further information, please telephone 01706 217746

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