Good News for Milo - Stolen Dog Now Permanently Rehomed
11th March 2010
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Further to our last Press release re the theft of Milo, one of our greyhounds Milo has been returned to us after a mixture of police proactive response and the coverage given to the theft by the print media. We are very grateful to all involved.

As a consequence of the press coverage we have been blessed with a lot of enquiries regarding providing Milo with a permanent home. We were spoilt for choice there were so many good homes. The result is that Milo now lives in a fantastic home with Roy Bridge and his partner. Roy is in the photo with Milo. This is a case of all’s well that ends well—or almost!

The person that stole Milo has made at least one other attempt to get on site to steal another dog. This was during the night of Sunday last. He attempted to gain access via the route he used previously. He very quickly realised that we have significantly upgraded our cctv coverage and he was picked up by three cameras in the two minutes and eight seconds he was on site. He beat a hasty retreat just in time to avoid the police who had been notified immediately he was seen.

Sadly that particular night also saw someone come to Bleakholt and abandon two lurcher dogs before making off. Then finally just about dawn a third person came on site to abandon a beautiful ginger cat. So during that single night we had three intruders—one to steal and two to abandon.

If you would like to find out more about Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary or would like to enquire about rehoming the lurcher dogs or the ginger cat, please visit the website by clicking here

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