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16th September 2009
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To follow up on last month’s post about making your workplace a little greener, I thought I’d write about ways to go green in your home. Some of them are really easy to do and now that recycling and conserving energy are becoming much more commonplace, you might not even realise you are helping the environment. It just goes to show that even a few inexpensive changes really can help you make a difference


1)    Use less electricity- just switch off anything you aren’t using. I got a little device from Tesco that plugs in at the wall near your TV to eliminate the power used when it is on standby. Plus it comes with a remote control so even the laziest of people can still save electricity! Now I think about it, I’m sure I saw something similar if not the same being pitched on Dragon’s Den a while back.


2)    If you haven’t already done so, switch to low energy light bulbs. They do take a minute to warm up but they last up to 10 times longer and save you money on your electricity bill.


3)   Wait until you have a full load before you use your washer, dryer and dishwasher. You use much less water and electricity by doing this.


4)   Install a low flow shower head- the newest models keep the same pressure but use less water.


5)   Recycle – this probably goes without saying now but it’s much better to use your blue and brown bins to sort out tins, bottles and garden waste. All this really does contribute to reduce the amount of waste that gets dumped in landfills.


6)   Make your own compost! This is something my mum has actually really enjoyed doing because she loves gardening. Its easy too, just put things like eggshells, newspaper, teabags, potato peel and garden waste into your composting bin, turn it over every so often and away you go!


All of this really does make a difference and you’ll feel like you’ve done your bit for our environment. This is how I see it- we live in it so we may as well take care of it!

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