Gardening tips for November
26th October 2009
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With an incredibly mild October just about to come to an end, it is generally safe to say that we are probably heading for a wet November!

Very strangely for the time of year I am still picking green beans and there are still plenty to come.  Similarly my mum has a house full of sweet peas which she is picking every few days and they show absolutely no sign of letting up!  Whilst this is lovely, we are now coming to the end of the gardening season and time to do some pre winter tidying - a good gardening day will be few and far between now so you will need to take full advantage of the dry days..... and the light ones!!

So what should we be doing this month??

It is advisable to clear out our greenhouses and give them a thorough clean down.        
Tulip bulbs may still be planted in the early part of the month.
Tender bulbs should be dug up and stored in a cool, dark area after first frost.
Ensure that any tender plants are protected from frost. Mulching your plants with bark, sawdust or straw will help to create a blanket of protection over the root system. It would be a shame to lose what you have worked so hard to nurture!
Cover strawberries two inches deep with hay or straw.
Treat your lawn
If you haven't already applied a lawn food,  now is the time to do it. This encourages good root development and helps improve the color of the lawn. Lime can also be applied, if required.
Give your lawn a good raking to lift away accumulations of debris.
Keep leaves raked from the lawn. They should be composted. Alternatively, you can just mow over them, turning them to mulch, which adds important nutrients back to the lawn.

Don't forget your feathered friends at this time of year either - as it starts to get colder, food sources become less and of course it's always lovely to attract the wildlife into your garden.  On saying that I have a few cheeeky squirrels that pinch the bird food that I put out on a regular basis, but it's lovely to see them all the same.
Remember to marker any new bulbs that you plant - I am terrible for digging them straight back up again!!
And of course make sure that you clean and store all of your garden tools ready for next year!

If you like gardening like I do why not share some of your ideas and suggestions?

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