Contact lens day is an eye-opener!
20th October 2011
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You may recall that I held an open day back in July at the Rawtenstall practice, where we were giving people who were curious about contact lenses the chance to experience them.

We really had no idea how many people would come along and, having booked no appointments, we could have been sat there all day with nothing to do. However, the day proved to be extremely popular and we were able to send several people home happily wearing contact lenses for the first time - the youngest was just 10!

We also successfully fitted contact lenses for people who had tried them in the past but had previously failed to achieve a good result, which shows just how much modern lenses have improved.

It's quite tempting to think that working with no set appointment system is the way forward in the future but the reality is that having a booked appointment allows us to spend quality time with people, without either party feeling pressurised.

One of the other reasons that our open day was such a success was that we advertised that we were working for free that day. I found this quite interesting because we have ALWAYS offered a free initial consultation to anyone wishing to try contact lenses for the first time, providing you've had a recent eye test. The consultations are important to ascertain how much it will cost you to wear contact lenses and your individual needs.

So, if you've ever wondered about trying contact lenses why not get in touch with us today?

David Gould, Owner, David Gould Opticians

Rawtenstall - 01706 892 040

Haslingden - 01706 892 041

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