Café at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary may have to close
3rd June 2010
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Bleakholt has a large modern café facility on site that has been open to the public and visitors for many years. This café is manned entirely by volunteers who do a marvellous job.

Sadly our pool of available volunteers is dwindling as people get older or have other priorities in their family life.

This is a very worrying state of affairs, especially in this current financial climate. The café has been a significant source of income to Bleakholt over the years and we would like to continue to benefit from it in the years to come.

Bleakholt is very lucky in having approximately 300 volunteers who help us in various ways at various times. Some of these volunteers might only come several times a year; others put in nearly as many hours as the staff—we couldn’t manage without them, however most volunteers want to work with the animals. We need this help with the animals but we also need help with other things such as the café and our four shops.

We are therefore appealing for volunteers for our café. These volunteers do not need to commit to every weekend or even regular weekends. We would benefit greatly from volunteers who might only be able to offer four or five days per year. This would take a bit of the load off our regular volunteers.

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