Become Dementia Friendly in Rossendale
2nd July 2014
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Dementia affects one in three people over the age of 65. With 80% of individuals living in care homes suffering with dementia, it is becoming increasingly more important to understand the disease better.

Various dementia societies are educating individuals on the disease, how to support someone diagnosed with dementia and how to live with it.  The Alzheimer's Society is working towards creating dementia friendly communities across the North West, as a way to help improve the inclusion and quality of life for those with the disease.

Currently, weekly sessions will be starting from next week to help the people of Rossendale become dementia friendly. These sessions will teach everything from how to behave when someone is showing the first signs of dementia, to simply spreading the word about Dementia Friends through social media.

The objectives of these sessions is to help relieve the stress of caring for someone with dementia and to know the disease better. There will be the opportunity to talk to others suffering with the disease, receive advice, fundraise for a dementia charity and to help your workplace become dementia friendly.

Help Rossendale become Dementia Friendly.

For more information on the weekly sessions, view the event details here.

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