Amazing Prices at Vue!
7th January 2010
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I was amazed last week when I decided amongst all the boredom of lengthy time off over Christmas (I am not being ungrateful for those of you that worked in between, I too did that for over 20 years in retail and catering so it's a refreshing change for me) to visit the cinema with my young son. 
We looked online at the local cinema to see what it was that we wanted or should I say, he wanted and plumped for "UP". I then looked at the prices to see how much this was going to cost as it has been a while since I last visited and was stunned. 95 pence each! Yes just 95 pence!  Apparently and unbeknown to me, during school holidays and at weekends you can visit with a child for practically nothing - what a great deal.  Of course I know it's to get bums on seats but hey, it works!
And of course they get their money back in other ways as after ordering a SMALL tub of popcorn my ticket price increased from £1.90 to £5.80! Thank Crunchie the tickets were cheap!
All in all it was a great trip out and the film was great.  Enjoyable for both young and middle aged alike!

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