A Really Cheesy Story
8th March 2010
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I think it was my circle of family and friends!
If you haven't tried the pies at DT Law of Haslingden, you really are missing a treat.  After the success of the ever popular cheese and onion pie that had been tried a few weeks ago my family, who were having a little bit of a gathering last week bought more. 

The cheese was thick and tasty, the pastry melt in the mouth and the onions, well just the right amount.  Not only were people having seconds it was thirds all round as people fought over the last piece.  Names shall remain un mentioned but there was one lady who I am sure tried to sneak a piece home!  In fact one friend lives in Salford Quays and knowing a great cheese and onion when he sees it will be over to buy his own very soon!

Apart from the wonderful cheese and onion of course there is a vast array of other fillings as well as fresh eggs, including duck and locally reared meats to name but a few.

So whatever the reason, get yourself to DT Law, your local butcher who really knows his stuff!
To contact DT Law please call 01706 216428

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