A radio re launch is underway in the valley
26th September 2013
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Not in the too distant past, Rossendale had a radio station, a station that everyone knew and came to love.
It catered for all tastes and had a very loyal and fond band of followers who were devastated when it suddenly and very sadly met it's demise.
The good news is that the Valley are hoping to get a brand new station back up and running and are currently running a campaign to help do so.  As with all things of this nature, it needs your support to get back in business on the airwaves of Rossendale and it's surrounding area's.
The application fee to get the station off the ground is £600 and the team behind the appeal would love it if you could help them.
The new radio station plans to be even more community focused and driven, enabling you to get more involved with your radio station.  
So, how can you help Rossendale FM?
There are a number of ways that you can assist - not all financially driven - in an effort to get the ball rolling towards an exciting new launch.
*Spread the word through your social media channels - through Facebook, through Twitter, You Tube and even LinkedIn.
*Donate for a tweet - £25 for social media interaction
*Become a friend - £100 - become an official friend of Rossendale FM.
*Become and official partner - £200 - an official partner throughout the licence bid.
Help bring the local radio station back to the Rossendale Valley and do whatever you can to spread the word to as many people as you can.  We loved it before and we'll love it again!
For more information about opportunities for sponsorship please take a look here.
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