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31st March 2011
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Hi Everyone,

Just a note of thanks to everyone that turned out on Saturday to assist in the planting of the orchards at Edgeside Park and Community Link - pictures will be on the website shortly.  We have a cross section of saplings - elder, crab apple, dog rose, blackthorn, maple, wild cherry and plum cherry (I don't think I've missed anything!). 

The Edgeside Park trees are below the childrens playground overlooking the park, the ones at The Link are at the front of the car park.  Both can currently be easily spotted as they are protected by white guards which were kindly donated by the Council.   If you're in either of the areas, please have a look and make sure things are ok.  Give them a watering if you can!  The herbs in the Link planters have started to grow again and a little topping up of compost and general tidying will see them in good condition again.

We have had several members agreeing to take part in Incredible Edible Gardens later this year - are you one of them?  Further details will be on the website shortly, and, IERoss will be on Rossendale Radio on Thursday 7 April from 12 noon to give further details.

One last thing, we now have a new website address - .  This still takes you to the current site, but, is much easier to remember!  The address, artwork and hosting of the site was very kindly donated by CW Advertising of Altham.


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