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orginal local theatre that stands out from the crowd, based next to good public transport links at Richmond train station
Going to the Theatre was always larger than life as a child. When you visit the Orange Tree the magic returns. You are so involved with the experience, and feel so intimate with the actors. The standard of production is first class and the location makes for a wonderful evening. A group of friends have now created a theatre club and we make a trip to The Orange Tree every couple of months - we are always delighted and stimulated by what we see.
This theatre is like no other I have been to. It has a very personal yet quirky atmosphere and cozy feel, as you are so close to the production-which is great. The whole theatre experience is much more magical as you really feel like you are almost part of the production.
This theatre has been entertaining people in Richmond for years - the productions and actors are always top quality whether it is a comedy, musical, new play, lost masterpiece or tragedy. From classics to the new and experimental you always know that your money will be well spent when you visit The Orange Tree.
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