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17th May 2010
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Since taking over thebestofReading in November 2009 I have travelled the length and breadth of Greater Reading and have been blown away by the strength and depth of companies here. Whilst researching the area I came up with a few statistics - some of which I am sure you know - and some that may surprise you :-

Reading is the biggest town in England by a considerable margin. The borough of Reading has 145,000 people - but as this does not include many of the surban areas and if you include these this rises to nearer 250,000. I have even seen some statistics quoting up to 400,000 but I am not certain exactly what areas this covers. Brighton , which had to join together with Hove (not to mention Southwick and Portslade) to gain city status in 2000 has a total group population of 256,000.

When it comes to retail therapy, Reading is a surprising 10th in the UK for number of shops. This is more than Edinburgh, Glasow and Liverpool!

In a recent report, Reading was listed as in the top 5 areas of the UK tipped to move out of recession quickest. The report cited Reading's educated population, logistics and local business strength as reasons for this optimism.

Most are aware that Ricky Gervais grew up in Reading, but a number of intersting people were also educated here - Jane Austin, Kenneth Brannagh, Michael Foot, David Lean, Mike Oldfield, Chris Tarrant, Kate Wisnslet and Douglas Bader lost his legs after a crash at Woodley!

But I'm not focused on the past or just statistics, I am passionate about this area and encouraging people to Buy Local. There are the most wonderful suppliers of just about any product or service within the Greater Reading area. If you know of a shop or business offering superb products, produce, trades or just downright great service - please let me know. And if you are looking for great local products or services - check us out www.thebestof.co.uk/reading

I look forward to communicating and working with you.

Martyn Noble

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