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The voice is on the look out for talent in Pontypridd
The Lido Ponty turns 90!
The Lido Ponty turns 90!
Come along and celebrate Ponty Lido's 90th Birthday this Year
The famous annual Easter fair is back in Pontypridd Park.
What to do this Easter?
What to do this Easter?
Don't know what to do this Easter? then take a look at these events
Did you RCT Theatre are giving away free tickets!
As the weather is getting warmer and the sun is staying out longer, Pontypridd Lido are gearing up for a new season
This week the Royal Mint will be entering the new 12 sided £1 coin into circulation
This weekend is Mother's day, so why not treat her to something special.
 Volunteer with the YMCA
Volunteer with the YMCA
Why not volunteer with the YMCA and share Pontypridd's history
Why is everyone talking about International Women's Day?
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