Save our sports fields and bowling greens in Plymouth
1st July 2009
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The Civil Service Sports Club Plymouth has had a rugby & 2 Soccer pitches plus a  cricket pitch and Bowling Greens for decades (started 1936).  These pitches were used to capacity right up to the moment of enforced closure by the Civil Service Sports Council in London two years ago. Bowling greens were used morning noon and night in season: soccer rugby and cricket was played to capacity consistent with the care of the pitches by Pete and Tom.

Now Plymouth City Council (PCC) wants to build on some of the green spaces of the Civil Service Sports Club by namely the rugby pitch and all the bowling greens (3). They argue that membership and demand had declined in the club. That may have been true in the club as a whole, if drink drive laws inhibiting bar takings were an indicator; but demand for bowling, bowls, rugby, cricket, soccer far outstripped supply.

Please let sports fields and green areas stay as such.  Could any Councillor tell us that there is such a plethora of sports pitches available in Plymouth that they can build on them willy nilly.  Let any Plymouth City Councillor tell us openly that the Bowling greens at CSSC were underutilised and that the pitches were not in demand. This club's greenery is an oasis in a desert of housing.  Please don't give us the flimsy pretext that you have to sacrifice one pitch and 3 bowling greens to save the others, or that a sterile health club is a substitute for green pitches. What green spaces would this Council hand on to posterity?

Here's  the e-petition to ‘Save our sports fields’ in Plymouth. We have less than 20 days to get as many signatures as possible. Lets put this on a par with the Big Lunch Plymouth or next year there will be less green space to have another The Big Lunch in Plymouth.

Please just send an email to as many people as possible with the text below and the link:


I have just visited GoPetition (about the Civil Service Club Plymouth) and found the following page very interesting:

Please pass on link to as many people as you can to create a chain letter effect. - Similar

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