Community Residents Clean Up Beaches
17th October 2018
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Earlier this year Aussie Environmental Ltd were on hand to help Turnchapel Community Residents clean up years of metal debris from their beaches.


As Turnchapel overlooks the busy boatyards and marina it’s no wonder the beaches become littered with boating waste.


Metal Items taken away to be recycled included boat ballast, large chains, ladders, pipes, steel cable, RSJ’s and fishermen’s block and tackle.


Some pieces had to be dug out, some were too big to move and were cut into smaller manageable sizes, the largest section of metal pipe took 12 men to pull up the beach.


It was great to be part of this community event. If any other local communities have clean up projects like this we are happy to help!


To find out more or get in touch, visit us at

Images and content provided courtesy of Aussie Environmental Ltd

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