Plymouth people: we need to take over from the politicians after Copenhagen
20th December 2009
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The world’s politicians have failed to reach a consensus in Copenhagen. If we leave things to them, not only our quality of life but our whole future is in danger.  It is time for the Jo Bloggs of this world to step in, roll up their sleeves and get something done. We all know roughly the problem and what needs doing in Plymouth. 

 We need to take personal initiatives to reduce our carbon footprints and also work together to make a difference.  If we all really make an effort, all the little efforts will add together to make that big difference.  Global warming is the effect of cumulative emissions that started way back in the industrial revolution. The CO2 levels have now reached tipping point and we are adding to them every day.  Our cumulative efforts could stop things getting much, much worse.

Not only do we need to reduce our carbon footprints, we also need to treasure our parks and gardens and all our woods and forests and green spaces.  Every single tree takes CO2 out of our atmosphere and contributes to the cumulative effect. We need to protect them and plant more! Our urban green spaces are life-lines for our future.  The value of our urban green spaces; our parks, gardens, sports fields and playing fields, in an era of global warming cannot be overstated.

OK Everybody!  Let’s start by actually doing something to protect our urban green spaces, not just in Plymouth but all over Europe.  It is a simple concept but it will make a big difference.  It costs nothing and only takes a few minutes. 

 Go to and sign the petition now! 

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