Plymouth Patterdale pup starts dog blog
11th December 2009
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Hi, my name is Scamp the pup. That's me pictured in my office about to write my first blog. Well actually Scamp is not my real name, but my nom de plume. I decided to give myself a nom de plume so none of my doggy friends would know that I have my own blog. They might think that I am a bit conceited and literary for their tastes and ignore me when I play with them in my local park, Central Park in Plymouth.

My owners started calling me Scamp..well they call me some other names as well but I don't understand what the names mean..... for instance they sometimes call me Harry Houdini and I have no idea who Houdini was. Even Scallywag is a name I don't understand. Anyway enough about my names: I'll tell you some of the other ones I'm called in another blog. I feel comfortable with the name Scamp.

I'm a small terrier pup who loves lots of walks and games. What's black and white all over? Me! My owners say I look like a Border Collie who has been put in the washing machine and shrunk because I'm really only small. I have the typical Border Collie white tip at the end of my tail but I really am glad I'm a terrier and not a Border Collie because I would not like to spend my time rounding up sheep all day. I count sheep at night in my sleep and that's enough. Anyway my mum is a Patterdale Fell Terrier from the Lake District and my dad, well he's a bit of a black sheep because he came from the wrong side of the railway track, so I won't say any more about him. My owners want me to bark with a more refined bark with no North Country twang-but I like my North Country heritage.

I have only just moved into the neighbourhood and I want to get out and meet lots of new friends in Central Park Plymouth. I hope I can mention some of my friends in another blog. I hope they won't put me in Coventry just because I have my own blog. I really would like to hear from some of my doggy friends, so respond to my blog page please...even if you are not a member of the exclusive Plymouth part-Patterdale Pup terrier Club!


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