Golf tuition in Plymouth for the hard of hitting
3rd November 2009
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At 67 I am hardly likely to win any tournaments but after years of occasional hacking around golf courses when invited to join some friends, I decide that now was the time to finally see if I could develop a reasonable game. It's no good playing once a year and expecting to improve one's golf: no one can play the piano without practise so why expect to master the fundamentals of golf without regular practise? 

In late summer 2009 I joined Boringdon Park Golf Club Plymouth and then on the recommendation of an acquaintance decided to take golf tuition from Nick Cook who is the golf professional at Elfordsleigh Hotel, Golf & Leisure. Now we will see if Nick can knock my game into shape and get my 18 holes under 3 digits or 114 at last attempt. I think that he will have his time cut out curing a hopeless slice, combined with topping and shanking.  

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