Festival Arts Theatre Company's 50th summer season!
  • A Midsummer Nights Dream & Painting Box take place at St Davids Bishops Palace
    The Land of Green Ginger takes place at Mathry Community Hall (SA62 5HD)
    SA62 5HD, SA62 6PE
Festival Arts theatre company are looking forward to celebrating their 50th summer season of performances in Pembrokeshire this summer.

Festival Arts’ 50th summer season of performances in St Davids gets underway on Tuesday 31st July in the magical ruins of the Bishop's Palace, St Davids. They’re celebrating the company’s happy history in the area with Shakespeare’s most popular comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream: one of the very first Shakespeare plays that the company performed in this spectacular venue nearly half a century ago. Four young lovers, faced with the prospect of an unwanted arranged marriage, flee into the forest, a group of working people meet to prepare a play for a high-society wedding, and the forest's natural inhabitants, its mischievous fairies, are facing a crisis of their own. They all cross paths as night falls, and magic, confusion and silliness ensue, in this hilarious, fastmoving comedy.

Festival Arts pride themselves on their accessible and engaging theatre, and if you’ve never been to one of their productions, this is the year to come along! A Midsummer Night’s Dream will be set in 1969, with the company’s brilliant live band performing popular music of the era. The Bishops’ Palace looks stunning bathed in moonlight and illuminated in a rainbow of colours.

Performance dates: July 31st, Aug 1, 4,7,9,11,14 & 16.


The company are also performing their magical family production, The Land of Green Ginger, in Mathry Community Hall. Based on the classic children’s book by The Wizard of Oz screenwriter, Noel Langley, this humorous story follows the adventures of Aladdin's son and heir, Abu Ali, as he embarks on a quest to find the mysterious Land of Green Ginger (which is never in the same place twice). On the way, he may find time to rescue Silver Bud, the jeweller's daughter, and defeat her money-grabbing suitors - but all he has to help him is the magic lamp… Swept along by Colin Baines' extraordinary music, this birthday production is jam-packed with unforgettable songs, vivid colours and magical illusions. Bring your friends and family and enjoy the fun! Performance dates: Aug 2,3,6,8,10,13 & 15.


And for two nights only, on Aug 5 & Aug 12, Festival Arts present their intimate patchwork show of poetry, prose and music in the atmospheric Bishop’s Palace Undercroft, this year on the theme of Painting Box.  A hidden gem.


For more info and booking details please see our website: https://www.festivalartsuk.com

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Future dates
  • Wednesday 1st August 8:00pm until 10:45pm
  • Thursday 2nd August 7:30pm until 9:45pm
  • Friday 3rd August 7:30pm until 9:45pm
  • Saturday 4th August 8:00pm until 10:45pm
  • Sunday 5th August 8:00pm until 10:00pm
  • Monday 6th August 7:30pm until 9:45pm
  • Tuesday 7th August 8:00pm until 10:45pm
  • Wednesday 8th August 7:30pm until 9:45pm
  • Thursday 9th August 8:00pm until 10:45pm
  • Friday 10th August 7:30pm until 9:45pm
  • Saturday 11th August 8:00pm until 10:45pm
  • Sunday 12th August 8:00pm until 10:00pm
  • Monday 13th August 7:30pm until 9:45pm
  • Wednesday 15th August 7:30pm until 9:45pm
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