Cooz's Recording Studio
  • Cooz's Recording Studio
    North Hinksey Lane
    OX2 0LX
The power to be creative! Cooz's Recording Studio in Oxford offers rehearsal, recording and voice over services to record labels, bands and publishing companies.

Newly opened in Oxford (near the A34) by highly experienced production engineer Kevin Cousineau, Cooz's Recording Studio is the perfect space for bands of all descriptions. The 1000sq feet of professional recording space features:


  • drum room boasting 5 metre high ceilings for an exciting live drum sound
  • mezzanine level for tracking and mixing
  • large vocal booth
  • acoustic/live room
  • rehearsal space
  • music studios and practice roons
  • fantastic natural acoustics


An impressive line up of music production technology is available to ensure you get the sound you want - Neve mixing and Protools HD for tracking, famous-brand microphones for every requirement, high quality mixing solutions to give a professional finished product.


Highly experienced and qualified production and sound engineers ensure that your tunes reach their full potential every time.


For more information or to book recording or rehearsal space, contact Cooz's Recording Studio


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