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An exciting community project to bring trains back to the heart of Oswestry going North to Gobowen and beyond and South to Llynclys and Blodwell.

An exciting community project to bring trains back to the heart of Oswestry going North to Gobowen and beyond and South to Llynclys and Blodwell.


One of Shropshire's most exciting heritage tourism projects is well under way: bringing the trains back to Oswestry!

Not only will this give a huge boost to local tourism but also provide key transport links direct from Oswestry to the rest of the UK mainline.

Imagine hopping on at Oswestry for London, or Paris, via Gobowen!

Imagine people riding into Oswestry to then hop on and enjoy a steam heritage railway trip out into our stunning Marches' countryside. Bikes, prams, and dogs will all be welcome

It can happen. The project has come a long way recently thanks to the hard work of skilled volunteers that have brought many achievements thus far.

But it will move farther and faster with the support of Oswestry - then it will happen.

Here's more detail about the project...


This will be a vital link in the economic regeneration of Oswestry and Gobowen connecting the rural areas with the larger conurbations and will :

Provide access to the Orthopaedic Hospital
Provide opportunities to develop a sustainable transport link with
Oswestry together with a Heritage Railway to the south joining Oswestry with Llynclys
Will provide links to tourism venues including the Park Hall Farm - Countryside Experience and exhibition site.


  • Increased number of special events at both Oswestry and Llynclys Stations
  • Station yard being clearedTrack level ground cleared of years of debris
  • Bracket Signal erected.
  • Water Column erected.
  • Wrought iron fencing with gates erected and painted
  • New signage for Railway Museum exterior and entrance
  • Working with Shropshire Council to build a cycle walkway alongside the track between Coney Green crossing to beyond Gasworks Bridge
  • Continued development of an Orchard!


Oswestry is Shropshire’s largest market town. It is one of the UK’s largest towns not to be connected to a mainline station.

A recent thesis estimated that the Ffestiniog Railway injects over £9M pa into the Gywnedd region and supports over 375 jobs.

Accepted figures report that for every £1 spent on a heritage line, another £4 is spent in the local area.

Heritage railways have become highly successful tourist attractions. They can make a significant contribution to local economies.

They help to extend the tourist season encouraging the purchasing of local goods and services.

Heritage rail attracts substantial numbers of volunteers willing to work for the community, in many cases undergoing training and undertaking managerial or supervisory roles. As such, it is a good example of ‘Big Society’ in operation.


Current railway legislation requires Cambrian Heritage Railways to obtain a Transport & Works Act Order (TWAO) before they can carry passengers on the route; dispensations are already in place which allow existing operations to run at both Oswestry and Llynclys.

The Transport & Works Act Order process has commenced with a draft order prepared and awaiting clearance for submission.

Application for major grants

Membership drive


Volunteers are always welcome to bring new skills to the project.


There are regular train services and special events for all the family such as the Bat Train, Easter and Xmas Trains.


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