Take Part in the Big Garden Bird Watch
10th January 2016
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This year The Big Garden Bird Watch takes place over the weekend of 30-31 January – will you be taking part? 

Bird populations are a good indicator of the health of the countryside, and allows us to keep an eye on the ups and downs of wildlife where we live – the more people that register, the better - all you need to do is: 

  1. Watch the birds in your garden or local park for one hour on the weekend of 30-31 January, 2016.
  2. Record the highest number of each type of bird you see at the same time. Don't count the total over the hour as you may get the same birds visiting more than once. Also, please only count those birds that land within your garden - not those flying over.
  3. Once your hour is up, tell the RSPB what you've seen. Even if you didn't get as many birds as you expected, your 'regulars' didn't appear or even if you saw nothing, do still please let them know. It's all really useful information. They also want you to tell them which of their list of non-bird species you see in your garden too.  

Birds to look out for include: 

    • Blackbirds
    • Blue Tit
    • Chaffinch
    • Coal Tit
    • Collared Dove
    • Dunnock
    • Great Tit
    • Green Finch
    • House Sparrow
    • Magpie
    • Robin
    • Starling
    • Wood Pigeon
    • Goldfinch
    • Long Tailed Tit
    • And more! 

So get your garden ready now with feeders, bird cake, watering tables and more, then write down and submit what you see.

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