Simple Tips for Decorating your Christmas Tree
9th December 2014
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If you haven't put your Christmas Tree up yet, we have some great tips on how to do it simply:

Tip 1 

If you have a real tree, place it in a tree stand to protect your carpet or flooring from any spills.  Prune any unruly branches and water it well.  Hoover or brush away any needles that have fallen.

If you have an artificial tree, put the base and tree together and then fluff out the branches from base to tip.  Step back and check the tree looks symmetrical - there's nothing worse than a mis-shaped tree.

Tip 2

Add Christmas Tree lights from base to tip ensuring the tips of the lights point outwards.  Don't add the decorations until you've checked all of the lights work and are spread evenly through the branches giving maximum illumination. 

Tip 3

If you're adding tinsel or a garland to your Christmas tree, weave it through the branches.  A thin garland/tinsel looks better hung from branch to branch and a thick piece looks better hung loosely around the tree. 

Tip 4

Sort your decorations into sizes, colours and styles.  Start adding large items first and then filling any gaps with small ones.  Add some decorations close to the trunk to add depth to your tree.  Don't forget to add some around the back. 

Tip 5

Every tree needs a standout piece.  Make sure your tree topper can be seen from a distance.  Why not add some christmas presents around the base of the tree for maximum effect. 

Now step back and enjoy!!!!

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