New to Running but fancy trying the Oldham 10K?
14th June 2015
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Covering just over six undulating miles, the Oldham 10K takes place on 21st June at 09:30 am and is great for intermediate and advanced runners.  If you’ve fancied running but thought it impossible, we offer some great reasons why you should have a go! 

To Get Fit

Running helps make your heart stronger, it improves your circulation and strengthens your muscles. It can also improve your mental health and decrease stress. 

Raise Money for Charity

Combine meeting your own goals with raising money for your preferred Charity. 

Feel the Fear

Step outside of your comfort zone.  Running may seem like a huge undertaking or even impossible, but if you accomplish it, you’ll grow in self-confidence and become stronger. 

Make New Friends

Training for a run is a great way to meet new people and make new friends.  Once you’ve made the commitment to run, why not contact your local running club or other runners in the community.

Sense of Achievement

Completing a race offers a real sense of accomplishment and is one of the biggest goals you can set yourself.  Even if you finish last, you have still achieved something. 

You Can Inspire Others

Your life and actions can inspire others.  Run a race to inspire others to do something that they thought was tough or impossible. 

The route of the Oldham 10k is flat, starts from the centre of Oldham and takes participants on a journey that will see them cover ground through Oldham Town Centre, Shaw and Royton, before returning to the start point for a warm, and well deserved reception from friends, family and supporters at the event.

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