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3rd July 2015
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2015 see’s the 4th ever Greater Manchester Fringe and the 3rd Greater Manchester Comedy Festival.

There are lots of events going on throughout Greater Manchester and The Swan Dobcross is proud to be hosting some fabulous events:

Summer Strings
When: Sunday 5th July @ 7:30pm
Music by Vivaldi, Mozart, Rossini, J.Strauss, Mancini etc delivered in a highly energetic style!
Tickets: £9.00 

Le Grand Return
When: Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th July @ 8:00pm
It’s 1994 and the 50th anniversary of D Day looms. Tommy, Alf and Edwin are incarcerated in Coldrick Nursing Home. In spite of his ever-worsening heart condition, D Day veteran Tommy is determined to break out and rejoin his old comrades on the Normandy beaches. But how will they get out - and what will happen along the way? This gentle comedy drama is about love, remembrance, war and peace.
Tickets £10.00 

Bach ReLoaded
When: Sunday 12th July @ 7:30pm
Jenni Molloy’s trio brought together by composer bassist JM,features Stuart MacDonald sax and Chris Sykes drums, their music taking Bach on an inspired and eclectic journey through the myriad worlds of jazz.

Tickets: £8.50 

The Gambit
When: Wednesday 15th July @ 8pm
Twenty-five years of betrayal played out on a chessboard. The lies, deceit and anger erupting in an epic clash between the defining Grandmasters of the 20th century.
Tickets: £7.50 

When: Sunday 19th July @ 7:30pm
A dark comic play.  A millionaire, returns to her hometown, after an absence of many years. Merely on the promise of her millions, she shortly turns what has been a depressed area into a boomtown. But there is a condition attached to her charity, which the townsfolk realize only after they have become enmeshed in her vengeful plot: murder. 
Tickets@ £5 

KinkyBoot Institute - A Voyage of giggle
When: Wednesday 22nd July @ 8pm
A unique comedy short show with eye catching comic scenes.
Tickets : £7 

Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience
When: Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th July @ 7:30pm
Waited upon by Basil, Sybil & Manuel, this is fully immersive, highly improvised and site-specific comedy theatre at its best.
Tickets £50

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