Are your employees motivated to do their job?
9th January 2015
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According to a nationwide study conducted by Argos for Business, results showed that over half of British workers are unmotivated at work and as such they have launched National Employee Motivation Day - a day to boost morale and increase productivity.  The day also aims to support employers and businesses to better understand the power of motivation by rewarding and incentivising those who matter - employees.

Employee Motivation Day is happening on Wednesday 21st January and aims to acknowledge the outstanding work carried out by employees each day and recognise those employers who already go the extra mile to thank their team for a job well done.

Here are some top tips on how to motivate your team:

  • Make sure your staff always feel needed and respected
  • Check on your staff regularly that they are happy in their work
  • Organise social events to incentivise your staff
  • Let your staff know how much you value them
  • If there’s a job you wouldn’t do, don't expect your staff to do it
  • Have firm leadership qualities
  • Invest in your staff by setting money aside for training courses and fully research the courses and obtain feedback from staff.
  • Have regular chats with your staff and communicate daily, no matter how insignificant
  • Make yourself accessible 

If you want to get involved with Employee Motivation Day you can share your motivational stories on The Employee Motivation Day website and we’d love to hear what you’re doing at The Best of Oldham.

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