15 Gardening Tips for April
13th April 2016
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Now that the daffodils are flowering and the trees are in bloom, Spring is definitely here and whilst you can still expect plenty of showers, there will be sunny days too and a chance to get out into the garden … just keep an eye out for Jack Frost! 

Here are some gardening jobs for you to do this month: 

  1. Get weeding – keep your weeds under control
  2. Protect any fruit blossom from the frost
  3. Tie in climbing and rambling roses
  4. Sow seeds – hardy annuals and herbs
  5. Feed any citrus plants
  6. Give your houseplants plenty of water – they will drink more now that it’s warmer
  7. Feed hungry shrubs and roses
  8. Repair bare patches in lawns or sow new seeds
  9. Divide bamboos and waterlilies
  10. Prune fig trees
  11. Mow lawns when necessary
  12. Feed large aquatic plants
  13. Use a stiff-bristled brush or pressure washer to remove algae from paths.
  14. Install decking or other seating areas for summer use.
  15. Towards the end of the month, in mild areas, you may be able to plant up your hanging baskets for the summer. 

What are you waiting for? Spring into gardening action today!

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