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A great local business with a huge range of toys - for collection in store or delivery via their website. Friendly staff and great service!
Kerrisons is by far my favourite toy shop. It's an independent family run business and although it's grown since I was taken there as a child clutching my pocket money, it hasn't lost what made it a magical place over 30 years ago. They are always on trend, knowing the latest fads and the staff genuinely like children, they understand they aren't mini adults and it's great to see them getting enthusiastic with them about the toys and gadgets. I've dropped into Kerrisons on route to a child's birthday party on many occasions sealed up the gift in a party bag and written the card on the counter as they helpfully offered tape and a pen... This isn't just another shop with counter staff there just to take your money. This has been my favourite toy shop for over 30 years with good reason. Don't expect it to be like one of the big warehouse stores, this is a shop jam packed with bits and pieces you would never find in them. Tell the staff what you are looking for, they know what's in stock. They know how fast they can get it in if they don't have it and they run a Christmas club. If you haven't been there then go. There will be someone smiling and saying hello as you go in. This is a proper shop. :)
I remember about 25 years ago when I got some birthday money going to kerrisons to spend it, with it I purchased a Dukes of Hazzard car and ramp, it was awesome. Kerrison toys has such an amazing "On The Shelf" choice of games and toys & your kids will be as happy as I was shopping there all those years ago. On my latest visit I ordered three sledges which were collected the very next day & the free parking at the front of the shop makes it and easy & convenient shopping experience. As a customer of kerrison toys for well over 20 years I can safely say that the friendly staff, awesome selection & value for money makes Kerrisons Toys the number one place to shop!! 10/10
Kerrison on. Liz and Steve run a very busy store - they sell Playmobile!
Handy to be able to park right outside the door.
I got 40 helium filled red balloons from Kerrisons for mum and dad's 40th anniversary. They were very helpful and even replaced a runaway balloon.
I've used Kerrisons since I was small; if I couldn't get what I wanted elsewhere I'd always get it at Kerrisons. It was fab.
Kerrisons Toys are a the last of a dying breed of 'real Toy Shops'. The model guys know their stuff.
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