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Not everyone has the time, skill or inclination to fully understand the labyrinthine world of financial planning - mortgages, life insurance, medical insurance, income protection insurance, pensions and investments or even home, buildings and contents insurance. They can be complex and time consuming, but to ignore them is the riskiest strategy of all. The best advice is to find a trusted, highly recommended, experienced financial adviser to help you, Justin Fordham of JF Financial Associates of Norwich delivers on this criteria.

JF Financial Associates strive to provide a lifetime relationship, delivering expert financial guidance, as lives and circumstances change and develop. From their detailed knowledge of the financial markets they will carefully select the right products for you and by regularly reviewing them they make sure your mortgage or plans remain on track to help you achieve and protect your long-term goals.


Seeking impartial advice on mortgages is the best way of ensuring you are being advised on the right product for your circumstances. With over 10 years experience working with one of the largest debt advice charities in the UK, you know when you work with JF Financial Associates that you are in safe hands.

The choices can be confusing and overwhelming, and since the credit crunch, there has been fewer choices and lenders available. Lending criteria have been seriously tightened and mortgage products can be removed from the market at short notice, making it even more important to select the right product at the right time. Autonomous advice from experts familiar with the intricacies of the market can be invaluable.

JF Financial Associates also specialise in Self Employed mortgages too! 


We may not like the idea of planning in case of a tragic incident such as an accident or serious illness or even the passing away of a family member, but it does happen, and putting insurance in place to protect against this possibility protects your family against any financial hardship and uncertainty, especially if you are the principal earner. Whilst it is possible to choose your insurance from a popular price comparison site this comes with limitations.

Following an in-depth consultation with you, JF Financial Associates can advise on the best type of insurance for you personally. Not only that but they will also advise you which plans should be written into a trust to further protect yourself and your family.

All the insurance providers used are fully vetted by them and their network to make sure the companies are well established, reputable, offer good rates, have a good payout history and most importantly offer good quality cover.

Price comparison sites DO NOT OFFER ADVICE and just offer you quotes from everyone on their panel.

Did you know there can be as many as 18 more critical illness definitions between the top critical illness providers and some of the lesser ones? Going for the cheapest plan can mean a major difference in the quality of cover!

JF Financial Associates provide advice on income protection insurance, life insurance, private medical cover, critical illness insurance as well as home building and contents insurance. They will also advise you on which of your plans need to be written in trust.

If you have taken out a life or critical illness insurance policy via your local bank or comparison site JF Financial Associates recommend you call them if you can’t answer the following questions:

  • Do you know the difference between terminal illness and critical illness?
  • Do you know how many critical illnesses your plan really covers?
  • Do you know which plans should be written in trust or not?
  • Do you know which life assurance plans could be used for multi-benefit purposes?

Retirement Planning, Pension & Investment Advice (via Lifetime Wealth Management)

Being part of the Lifetime Wealth Management group, JF Financial Associates working with Lifetime Wealth Management are able to offer advice on retirement planning. Despite the past negative press surrounding pensions, JF Financial Associates know that with a regularly reviewed financial plan and careful control of your pension investments there is no reason why they should not provide the lifestyle you wish for in retirement.

  • Are you close to retirement and need help and advice on making the most of what you have for your future?
  • Do you have your own company and are interested in learning more about how a Self Invested Pension Scheme may benefit you?
  • Perhaps you are Self-Employed and want to know what your best options are?
  • Maybe you have a number of pensions from previous employer schemes and you don't know where they are and how they are performing? Your policies may benefit from a review investigating where they are and how they are performing.

The sooner you make a start with your pension provisions, the more advantageous it will be in recreating the lifestyle that you want to secure for yourself and your family at a time when you have planned to take retirement.

Investment (via Lifetime Wealth Management)

JF Financial Associates working with Lifetime Wealth Management are also able to advise on financial investment. Once your plans for investment have been assessed along with your attitude to risk, the right investment plan for you will be devised and then carefully and continually monitored to ensure it is taking account of market circumstances at all time.

For trustworthy, impartial advice for all your financial needs get in touch with JF Financial Associates of Norwich.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.
Secured and unsecured loans are not regulated by the FSA.
Commercial mortgages are not regulated by the FSA

We charge a small fee for our mortgage advice and fully managed application service. This fee will be confirmed with you before we agree to move forward with anything.

JF Financial Associates is a trading style of Lifetime Wealth Management who is an appointed representative of Intrinsic Financial and Mortgage Planning Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Intrinsic Financial and Mortgage Planning Limited is entered on the FSA register under reference 440703 and 440718.




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