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This is a fantastic venue to play - the management and staff are lovely - really look after you and make you welcome, the venue is spectacular - looks and sounds amazing - and has a great vibe about it, we had the best night there, can't wait to go back! Liz from Auburn Acoustic/part of the Jefferson Starship 40th anniversary tour. 5 stars without a doubt.
Review : Everytime I have played there I was treated with nothing but kindness and respect, they're lovely people and are only going to go on to bigger and better things.
Really good venue to showcase your talent, have been to 3 EP Launches now and have been impressed by the space provided, quality of sound and lighting and overall ambience of the studio. Will be more than happy to hold an event there in the future. Keep up the good work.
I have played at EPIC a few times in various bands and have had a brilliant time at this fantastic venue! I have also seen some quality gigs at EPIC and it is a truly unique venue for music and they host an array of events. The staff are always professional and friendly. The facilities and overall vibe of the venue is excellent. Have some good memories at EPIC and loads more to be formed in the future the place is getting better and better! Good luck with the future EPIC! :)
Epic Studios offer remarkable live and broadcasting facilities and their top professional and friendly team know how to make artists and audience feel welcome and looked after. With amazing live music and events that appeal to a wide audience, these guys truly deserve their place on the map as one of the best studios around!
Very well equipped venue, great friendly staff & stunning cafe! Played at the venue before and was blown away by the professionalism of everything & everyone and also how comfortable the atmosphere was. Can't wait to go back and play there again. Totally recommend EPIC to everyone, they do a bit of everything. Totally EPIC venue.
Epic Studios is a fabulous music venue with a wonderful atmosphere and the best sound system I have encountered – rich base and pure sound without the harshness in treble that is often found in pubs and many other music venues. The perfect place to watch live music.
Jonathan and Linda have brought ,something amazing to Norwich . A proper music venue that cater's for all.You receive a warm and professional attitude from all the people who work there With my business of Simon Watson Photography, I have been able to capture many great music events,because of the, both able to offer a great chance to portfolio my work from the events.This in turn has opened many doors for me as well.Great music venue!!
A great venue run by a dedicated group of lovely people destined to be Norwich's 'must play' venue!
Great studios, love the RAW music support and the venue its self. Holds awesome events and is run by a top bunch of technicians/promotors and staff!
I have been there on many occasions to sporting events and have found the staff and organisation of the plus amazing. The staff are all friendly and willing to help .
The world needs to know about this fantastic venue and how much joy it has brought to our local community! I have waiting so long to have such a professional, warm-hearted and beautiful set up place to be for musicians, media students and generally a great place to be! With a friendly cafe/bar for everyone, filming and streaming facilities with fantastic people who work along your side! The staff are so easygoing and will always be there for you, even for a smile on your face! Beautiful sound system, tidy (and not just the title), EPIC place to be! Check it out... And you won't be disappointed! Have a look how lucky the people of Norwich are with this beautiful venue and great hospitality when you are there! - Mozzie :)
I was involved with making a DVD for teenage cancer trust last year . It was brilliant and 1 of the best days of my life to be in a real tv studio with that retro feel too . The staff worked very hard but nothing was to much trouble and made us feel very welcome . If you don't come at least once to play or watch then you are missing out on a great experience . Hopefully see see you very soon. Richard from the Coopers
The venue is brilliant for watching live bands, even when you're right at the back it feels like they're right in front of you, yet it can still hold many people. The facilities are brilliant and the staff are very friendly. If I book a gig now I make sure it's at EPIC.
Epic Studios has been a welcome breath of fresh air for the Norwich music scene. Not only are they bringing in world class acts and entertainment, but they are reaching into the grass roots of music in the region and doing a great deal to support and promote local creativity. They have brought together a great team of professionals to man the world class studio facility. The excellence of the sound and video quality is the bedrock of the business. Front of house staff are attentive, helpful and friendly, making audiences and performers feel welcomed and valued. As manager of a local band I really appreciate the energy, dedication and creativity of Epic’s management. It is their vision and drive that flows through the business and makes it what it is. They extend unparalleled opportunities to musicians in the region, bringing together the expertise of the studio’s world class facilities and staff to promote the richness and talent here in Norwich. And they do this on a person and friendly level. We have produced high quality music videos at incredibly reasonable prices, performed on both internal and external stages, and will be streaming our next performance worldwide. I would say Epic Studios is truly a world class business with a very strong local ethos.
What all the staff and owners at EPIC have done is amazing. They have helped the local music scene no end with their skills and expertise, the music scene is huge in Norwich and Epic Studios is at the frontline to make it superb. The staff they have seem to live their jobs and its just a great place to go, not just myself but hundreds of other musicians agree.
The tireless work these guys put into the local music scene, best of Norwich? Best of the UK. So professional and well run, perfect example of how something should be done, a credit to our city.
It is clear that your team have put a huge amount of effort in over the last 24 hours and all should be congratulated. Flo and I were very impressed to see how the set-up was looking today. We were also very impressed with the courteous and polite nature of the crew. First Class. Little touches were there too - I like the name on the dressing room and the personal greeting message in our green room. All very professional indeed. The devil is always in the detail and details like that really hit the spot with us!Congrats to you and your team - it is amazing what you have pulled off in such a short timescale!
My favourite gig of 2012? Epic Studios. Ronan Parke (Norwich finalist in Britain’s Got Talent)
As a band we have played various venues throughout the UK and can honestly say Epic stands head and shoulders above the rest. It’s hard not to be impressed with the array of technology available, the facilities and most importantly the professionalism of the crew and staff. At our last gig at Epic we took full advantages of the services and facilities offered, our last gig was streamed live over the net in HD hitting a worldwide audience of 22,000 resulting in increased activity to our social networking platforms and unique traffic to our website. With a wealth of experience in all aspects of media, trusting Epic to make our debut video to be released in November an easy and safe decision. We wish Jonathan & Linda Thursby and the rest of the crew good luck for the future not that they will need it
As we travel round the country to different venues we see a wide selection of hospitality and professionalism, very few achieve the consistent high standards of Epic TV Studios in Norwich. From the moment you arrive you can relax and concentrate on your performance making the most of your green room and dressing room, your gear is safe with excellent security and backstage liaison. We have booked Epic for both large gigs in the main studio and recently held our private video launch in one of the smaller studio areas which as per the brief Epic set up with an intimate wine bar vibe, then we were able to open the whole room up for the drama of the video launch using two huge screens, it was great. A unique feature is the high quality live streaming which gets you out to thousands of people worldwide and an added bonus of this is the fact you end up with some banging live videos (with decent sound) for YouTube. We've got the next one booked already!
A huge thank you to the guys at Epic for their help! My girlfriend had broken her foot just before Xmas & we thought that we wouldn’t be able to go to the From The Jam show as she was still in a bad way... no prob for the staff at Epic who supplied a chair for her to sit down and we hardly missed a thing and not only that, the manager (sorry but his name escapes me) even offered to go to the bar for us to get us a drink!!...now where would you get that kinda service???? Watch out UEA & Waterfront you have some VERY serious competition here Great venue and we've been babbling about it ever since!! 5 star venue
Where do I start?! Epic Studios have been not only the best ever venue I have ever used in the 5 years of running pageants but from ten years of taking part and judging some of the UK's biggest and international modelling competitions as well! The venue was amazing, the set up was of the highest quality, the staff were the best I've ever had the pleasure to work with, the production crew, the manager James in the pre production meetings being so well organised, the warm welcome from Linda and Jonathan, the camera guys, the sound crew, the producers.! Its a never ending list of fantastic people who worked so well together to produce a fantastic show! We've had so many messages congratulating the team and the girls and I couldn't have done it without the team at Epic!! ♥ I was so busy filming last week and James went above and beyond to help us at all hours, and on the day when I was running about sorting the girls. I can't wait to watch the show, and share more of the footage with everyone who couldn't tune in including one of the teens dads who is currently deployed in the RAF and wouldve been so proud! I hope you'll have us back again next year xxx
I have played at EPIC studios on a few different occasions and have been pleasantly surprised each time. Not only are the staff professional, welcoming and organised but they always seem to go above and beyond to ensure that everyone leaves with a smile on their face. The venue itself is very diverse and boasts a huge range of top spec equipment and facilities. There aren't many local music venues that could comfortably house boxing events, martial arts, music videos, Fitness classes, multiple music shows and wrestling to name but a few. The fact that they can stream everything live on the internet is something quite unique for Norwich but adds to an ever growing repertoire of possibilities. I have recently had three live tracks filmed by a team of professional camera technicians at EPIC and the price tag reflected the generosity of the management. It's very rare that you are subject to such kindness and it's really quite refreshing. I can safely say that I look forward returning to EPIC studios.
Being my second time back to Epic, this time under different circumstances .. I was really excited to get in there and film my music professionally .. First, the equipment is amazing and to play with my drummer Stephen Eamer the sound works perfectly for us .. I've seen one of the videos 'home' and can't wait to see the rest. Just a really good opportunity to get your stuff filmed properly and broadcasted worldwide, thank you for having me Epic and everyone that helped to make it a cracking day, I hope to come and do a gig very soon.
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