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If a picture speaks a thousand words, just imagine what a well produced film can say! Based in Norwich, Curveball Media specialise in helping businesses to market their brand through corporate video production. It's the obvious next step in marketing your business.

In the past...

Creating a video was very expensive and very corporate. The only way for your video to be seen was an advert on the TV or at the cinema, meaning only the big companies could do it.

Then came the corporate video boom! Still expensive and with limited reach, but a few innovative film companies were starting to think outside the box.

Next came the age of self-produced video content. While the lone few attracted millions of hits, the vast majority were left staring at an empty cinema (so to speak).

With YouTube exceeding 4 billion hits per day, some companies discovered the power of a video strategy to get their brand seen by the rest of the world.


About us

At Curveball Media we look at the big picture for you. We learn about your business and we work to create a long-term campaign utilising film to get your message out there. Not forgetting animation - a powerful tool for engagement.

In fact, we've clocked up over 13 million views for our customers so far.


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We will not bore you with information about how quickly online media is growing online and why your business should invest. You are reading this and therefore already know the value of your business. Although you may not know the best way to build a video strategy and promote your business in the right places. So this is where we step in.

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