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Body Flow Osteopathy, fabulous!! And, excellent advice and information on after care, would highly recommend Joelle and her team!! Don’t live with pain you don’t have to, get booked in!!
I cannot rate Joelle and her team highly enough, my experience has been positive throughout and she didn't create false hope of curing my condition. Joelle has a huge range of skills and with utilise all of them to get a result so if you are in pain I would highly recommend Body Flow to help you become pain free.
I can wholeheartedly recommend Joelle as she is just brilliant and works tirelessly to make your body work again. It is simply wonderful to be pain free! Top notch in every sense.
I went to see Joelle at Body Flow a few weeks ago with a neck problem. This isn't the first time I have tried to sort it out. But Joelle was so thorough, and the work that she did on my neck has been marvellous - less pain, and more movement I have had for years. Wholeheartedly recommended!
Joelle at Bodyflow Osteopathy has really helped me get back into my skiing. I had a knee injury which was bothering me for around a year with nagging pain. I still managed my ski lesson most weeks, but was always aware of the pain, and over compensating for it. Trips to an NHS physio didn't help much, other than giving me an exercise plan. Joelle took a full history, and a thorough exam, and looked my whole body rather than just the knee. She diagnosed trouble with a mis-aligned pelvis, and issues with my hip and ankle, all of which lead to knee pain. I have visited Joelle twice now, and it's great to "feel" or rather not feel the results. I am pain free now, in fact last night I completed a mogul lesson at skiing, which I simply couldn't do a few months back. I was so pleased with how far I've come. All thanks to the fabulous Joelle.
Joelle has been a god send when it comes to keeping my body in check. I use it and abuse it on the golf course, yet she still keeps me in tip top shape meaning I can continually enjoy the game!
I would like to unreservedly recommend Joelle Fordham of Bodyflow Osteopathy. Having had an acute flare up of an old knee injury, my body was experiencing a great deal of discomfort from the referred effect of the bad knee. Joelle expertly worked on me and brought great and immediate relief to my overall system, and gave professional advice as to how to manage my knee injury. Having been involved with body work for decades, there are only three people in the county who I would trust to work on me. Joelle was my first person of choice- my recommendation cannot be any higher than this!
I visited Joelle with a very painful nerve trapped in my neck with pins and needles down my arm and numbness in my fingers which my GP could not help with. Within a few visits the pain had gone and we started work on older problems. It is brilliant! Joelle treats me with respect, and with my dignity in mind. I would highly recommend her to anyone with acute or long term problems.
Fantastic ! would recommend and would return !! 5 star, the best in Norwich!
I had my first treatment with Joelle yesterday and already my back feels a lot more 'moveable' I initially went in for lower back pain and Joelle was very thorough in her examination and we've found a few more problem areas to work on!! I can't wait for my next treatment and to soon be completely pain free! Thank you Joelle :-)
Joelle has been working on easing tensions and muscular problems with me. She took a detailed history and i am impressed how accurately she problems have been diagnosed. Joelle makes time to work on the problem. Thorough, professional and efficient, Body Flow Osteopathy ensures i feel comfortable and informed whilst helping me get back into shape.
I have always played sport including tennis football and squash and now play golf about three times a week. For many years I have suffered with back spasms and neck and shoulder pains and have seen various osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists. I have now had three treatments with Joelle and would not hesitate to recommend her. She has a very professional approach, is thorough in her analysis of problems and is careful to explain what she proposes to do before each element of the treatment. Joelle really cares about her clients and their well-being and this is reflected in the treatment she provides. Unlike some professionals, Joelle laso recommends exercises to keep your body in shape. She is a credit to her profession and I am happy in the knowledge that she will be there for me when I need treatment. Finally, I would mention that the premises where she carries out her treatments are ideal with a pleasant and soothing ambience.
Joelle provides a very comprehensive service and is very precise in her evaluation of your condition. She manages expectation well, letting you know how the treatment is progressing, asks for feedback and advises how longer treatment will be required for. The provision of a stretching / flexibility program for use at home ensures the benefit’s of her treatments are maximized. My treatment from Joelle has not only cleared up a nagging lower back problem but has also increased my energy levels. I would highly recommend visiting Body Flow Osteopathy even if just to have an assessment to check everything is as it should be.
A 20 Years Old Injury is finally getting better. Attentive, Thorough, professional, simply very good at what they do!
As an osteopath myself I highly recommend Body Flow Osteopathy. I was visiting Norwich for the weekend and desperately needed some treatment. Joelle offered me an appointment within an hour. I felt she really listened to my problem and clearly identified the root of it. I left feeling much better and relaxed so I was able to enjoy the weekend. Can't thank you enough! Dora
After having seen various different complementary therapist I have finally found the one that suits me. With her holistic approach I feel that Joelle has really addressed the root of my problem and treatment has been very beneficial. How do i know it is holistic? Because she always explains everything to me, takes into account my medical history, lifestyle and emotional concerns. My initial fears were quickly gone and my pain greatly reduced. I have high trust in Joelle's hands and have already spread the word amongst my friends.
I have received a number of treatments from Joelle and have been thoroughly satisfied after each one. She always takes the time to explain her treatment approach to me and ensures I understand exactly what is going on. Any question I have is not too much. I feel well cared for in her hands, and yes the treatments have been of great benefit to me. I would not hesitate in recommending her to my own family and friends.
Body Flow Osteopathy are brilliant, compared to all the other places I have tried they are the most welcoming, helpful and great treatment and value. I feel so much better already and it was so nice to experience a relaxed treatment not being rushed and in lovely surrondings. Can't recomend enough. Sarah from Norwich
There is nothing more important to us than the health and happiness of our dogs. Poppy has suffered from an early age with various medical conditions and more recently with epilepsy and a bad hip that she carries and protects to the extent of growling at us if we try to pick her up. Conventional medicine had made no real improvement and so were delighted when Joelle offered to help through her Osteopathic treatments. The change in Poppy has been indescribable and our happy little dog is now moving more freely and the number of her epileptic episodes has reduced dramatically from 5-6 a week to around 1 every month or so. We were never expecting a change with her epilepsy, as the treatment was designed to aid her hip. This has just been a wonderful, unexpected result from her treatment! The care Joelle takes with Poppy has endeared Poppy to her and she looks forward to her treatments. Jo is always quick to tell us what her approach is and how the treatment will benefit Poppy. Couple this with helpful tips to complete daily between treatments and you have both happy owners but more importantly our happy little girl dog.
I have been working with Joelle for some time now and have to admit that if it wasn't for the magic Joelle performs on my body, I don't think I could be half the sportsman I am today. I have always been a very active sportsman, playing various sports to national and international level, with the last 10-12 years focused on the game of golf. Understandably to keep your game and body functioning at a consistently high standard, requires more than just a good diet. I used to suffer numerous injuries, mainly in my lower back but also in my neck and shoulders. Over the years I have been to see chiropractors, physiotherapists and Chinese acupuncturists, and although each of them have been mildly successful, none have come close to what Joelle has managed to achieve. I no longer suffer debilitating lower back pain. I have not had a locked shoulder or crick in my neck for several years now and although I do get the odd ache and pain, with Joelle's regular careful treatments it's never progressed to anything more sinister like they used to. I'm convinced it was with Joelle's help in keeping my body in tip-top shape, that I won 3 of my clubs major competitions along with the scratch aggregate trophy and player of the year in 2011! From the moment I met Joelle, I knew I was in safe hands. She was different from the other practitioners I had used in the past, in that Joelle takes the time to really get to know me and understand the problems or issues I have. When it comes to the treatments, she is gentle, caring and always explains what she is doing, or going to do, and she is more than happy to explain why she is doing it. Not only that but you never feel like she is rushing you in and out like some of the chiropractors I have seen!! She also seems to take a more holistic approach than most to her treatments and you genuinely feel cared for when you leave. I already recommend Joelle to everyone I know and honestly have no hesitation in recommending Joelle to anyone who reads this testimonial. She is a real credit to Osteopathy and the medical profession! Kind regards JLF
Joelle not only quickly identified the cause of my shoulder and neck pain but also took the time to thoroughly explain it to me. Her treatments are precise and holistic, always giving me great relief from my long term pain. She has shown me the great benefits of Osteopathic Treatment
"I've seen many different osteopaths in the past but Joelle has been a revelation for me! She is so precise in her work and always puts her finger right on the problem and the outcome has been amazing! I thought I would need a thrid surgery on my knee because it was so painful and swollen but thanks to her I was back to normal within a few weeks and the progress has maintained 8 months later! She's also helped me with an wrist and neck problem just as successfully. I would highly recommend her." Mrs M. Baker, 2012
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