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We are Independent Financial Advisers in Norwich who set up business after working in the financial advice industry for over 20 years. We wanted to provide a service where we could look after our clients, review their pensions and investments every 6 months and make sure that they invested in the best funds. We also advise on mortgages, life assurance and other protection and inheritance tax.

We manage clients' money; not just their savings but often their pension plans as well.

We frequently meet people whose money has been put into poorly performing funds or in the wrong tax wrapper (e.g. an investment bond instead of an ISA).


In many cases, the financial adviser has taken a higher initial commission and has not been so attentive in reviewing and looking after these funds in future years as he is off searching for new clients.

Our philosophy is different. By building our business slowly and steadily we can ensure that our clients' interests are looked after at all times. We set a lower initial fee for setting up their investment programme with an ongoing fee to ensure their funds are looked after as agreed at the outset by means of regular reviews. These can be annually or even twice a year, but clients always receive their reviews no matter how the markets are performing.

We make sure that a diversified portfolio is in place to ride out any storms but also at the same time trying to keep the costs down. We have our own bespoke research analysis tools that enable us to dig deeper than many independent financial advisers when researching investment portfolios.


We, Kevin Reynolds and Paul Barnard, set up Asset Investment Management Ltd, IFAs in Norwich, after we had both been engaged in providing financial advice for over 20 years and 25 years apiece.

We were appalled to find that many IFA firms did not diversify clients' funds and assets in their investment and pension plans and in addition very few had a review strategy to keep their client portfolios up to date.

So, if you have received an inheritance, have PEPs, ISAs, unit trusts, investment bonds or a personal pension fund over £40,000 then we can help as the good news is that we are now in a position to consider more clients. If you would like to see how we can help you then please call us for a chat.

Asset Investment Management Ltd - IFAs in Norwich specialising in advice on

  • Investments and
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Individual diversified plans and portfolios backed up by solid reliable service.

For independent financial advice in Norwich and Norfolk then call us on Norwich (01603) 869998

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