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Greggs Sports, Northumberland

I have used Greggs Sports on a number of occasions for their embroidered logo services and was very pleased with both the customer service and the finished results. They were more than happy for me to take the garment catalogue away to browse at my leisure, and then it was very simple to just email the logo and the order through. Very reasonable prices too.

Diwan-e-Am Tandoori, Northumberland

The food at the Diwan-e-am is really lovely. We have quite a lot of take-away menus in our house and we can never remember which ones are the most recent. However, with the Diwan-e-am, you need not worry about this as they seem to be able to make what you want whether it is on the current menu or not! And they are good at remembering names, which I like! Not that we have a lot of take aways or anything.... The service is good for meals in the restaurant too.

Cogito Books, Northumberland

What a lovely little bookshop this is! My children could probably spend all day here and I get the feeling this wouldnʼt actually be a problem! The atmosphere is welcoming and I felt quite happy sitting on the floor next to my daughter as we browsed through LOTS of different books in the childrenʼs section before finally making the all important choice. Meanwhile, my son was more than comfortable on the sofa, contemplating just which dinosuar book had the best information. This is exactly what you want from a bookshop and, when we finally did get to the till, the friendly service did not disappoint. Oh, and I mustnʼt forget, theyʼve got lots of good books too!!