Northampton Hope Centre
  • Oasis House, 35-37, Campbell St, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN1 3DS
    NN1 3DS
Northampton Hope Centre - Bringing hope to the homeless for over 40 years

We work to relieve poverty and tackle the causes of homelessness in Northampton by giving people a hand up not a hand out.

Recognising that if you continually provide hand-outs there is no incentive to become self sufficient our work is focused on helping others to help themselves, providing support and services that will enable individuals to take back control of their own lives.


We are a charity and social enterprise based in Northampton, England. We have been helping homeless and other socially excluded people in the town for 40+ years. By providing a combination of basic services (food, clothes, showers etc) for the street homeless as well as a number of activities and workshops for those that are ready to move on with their lives, including support to access work, we aim to help our clients get back on track.
We provide training and work opportunities for our related social enterprise, Hope Enterprises

We are a small charity. We rely heavily on the generosity of local businesses, churches, schools and individuals who donate a large percentage of our food and income each year. Our team of over 40 volunteers are also essential to the running of the centre - we could not do it without them!

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