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Weight loss and nutrition the way nature intended with Slimplicity from Reliv now available in North Down.

The Weight is Over. Lose weight with Simplicity from Reliv

Like many others in North Down, you’ve probably tried a few diets in your time: the "miracle of the moment" diet: the celebrity-endorsed diet, maybe even a starvation diet or two.

And you even may have lost a few pounds. But remember the aftermath of the diet? When those pounds not only returned, they brought friends? Well, yo-yo no more.

Slimplicity from Reliv Weight Loss System offers a safe, healthy, simple way to shed the weight and keep it off… for everyone in North down, for life.

This Time is Different

Slimplicity from Reliv revs up your body’s weight loss machinery with cutting-edge ingredients to block and burn fat, boost your metabolism and squelch your appetite. Then it helps keep those pounds off with a support plan that shows you how to integrate smarter choices into your everyday life simply, easily, for good.

Three steps to success

No more weighing, measuring, calculating or starving. Slimplicity from Reliv in North Down breaks down weight loss into three simple steps:

  1. Take one Simplicity from Reliv chewable sweet an hour before each meal to curb appetite, boost metabolism and rev up weight loss.
  2. Replace lunch with a deliciously satisfying Simplicity from reliv Shake.
  3. Adopt a smarter lifestyle by adding steps to your day and eating healthy, flavor-filled, well-balanced meals and snacks.

Imagine a slimmer you looking back in the mirror. You’re on your way to a healthier, more radiant you! Slimplicity from Reliv. The weight is over!

For everything Slimplicity, check out – your one-stop resource for the Slimplicity from Reliv Weight Loss System....then contact Slimplicity from Reliv North Down distributor,  Margaret Walker. Contact Margaret on Bangor 028 9147 0739

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Latest Reviews

Been on Slimplicity for a week. All great. Lost 7lbs so far and counting. Not a difficult system to use or keep to. No more up and down dieting for me.
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