Newport Cycle Speedway Club
  • Spytty International sports village,
    Langland way,
    NP19 4PT
Newport Cycle Speedway Club in Newport is a cycle speedway club providing training and coaching to beginners and riders. If you would like to learn more about cycle speedway or would like to join in, contact the friendly team at Newport Cycle Speedway Club today - a great opportunity to learn speed cycling.

Newport Cycle Speedway

Friendly Cycling Club in Newport

Gold Cup Winner 2013

South and South Wales Division 1 and 2 Champions 2013 

Do you enjoy cycling and love speed?

Are you looking for new ways to get fit?

Maybe you have a thirst for competition and success? 

Then why not join Newport Cycle Speedway – they are delighted to have won the Gold Cup for the third year running and offer a range of fun activities from training and coaching sessions to regional and national competitions in the sport of Cycle Speedway.  

01633 660249 

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What is Cycle Speedway?

Cycle Speedway is an intense sport offering short cycle races (usually 4 laps of an outdoor circuit) that last only 35-40 seconds.  With four riders (in pairs) competing in each race, physical contact is both likely and legal so you must ensure you wear appropriate knee, elbow and hip protection.

Newport Cycle Speedway is always looking for new riders, so if this sounds like something you’d enjoy, give the friendly team a call today!

01633 660249 

Training Sessions 

Details of training sessions are as follows: 

Tuesday at 6.30pm for Beginners and riders not in Division 1 or 2 teams at Newport International Sports Village

Thursday at 7.00pm for Riders in the Division 1, 2 and Conference league teams at Newport International Sports Village

For your first visit to Newport Cycle Speedway – your bike will be provided for you, all you need to bring is appropriate clothing e.g. trousers, long sleeved shirt, helmet (if possible) and trainers. 

Cycle Speedway - no brakes and no gears! 


If you want to know even more about Newport Cycle Speedway, visit their user friendly website for:

  • Fixtures
  • Results
  • Match Reports
  • Club News
  • UK Cycle Track Locator
  • Links to other cycle speedway sites
  • Sponsorship information  

Why Choose Newport Cycle Speedway?

There are many reasons why you should choose Newport Cycle Speedway Club including:

  • They are a GoRide accredited club and are on the way to getting the Clubmark accreditation
  • They are committed to providing a safe and organised environment for young and vulnerable people.
  • They have experienced coaching staff
  • You will be taught Cycle Speedway at your own pace 

If you would like to learn the sport of Cycle Speedway and you want to improve your stamina, fitness and physical strength, check out Newport Cycle Speedway in Newport today!

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