thebestof's 'Buy Local' makes national headlines
5th November 2010
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The results of our recent 'buy local' survey hit national headlines this week after Britons spoke out against local supermarket monopolies.


Both The Sun and Conservative, MP Zac Goldsmith commented on the results of our 'buy local' campaign, which showed that the majority of people in Newmarket and the UK felt their high street was in decline due to competition from large chain supermarkets.


Our 'buy local' survey has encouraged local people to nominate their favourite local businesses for recognition and suggest ways in which their local authority could improve the local business climate.


Over 60% of those who took the survey agreed that the Government wasn't doing enough to support small retailers in their local area, with many directly blaming large supermarket chains for the decline in small, local shops and markets.


The Best of Newmarket's owner and local business expert, Ian Clemson, commented: "It's interesting that there is still a strong perception that the high street is in decline, especially when it comes to local retailers and businesses. With the rise in VAT next year this could become an even bigger issue."


"What shop owners need to understand is there are many ways that they can compete with major chains. For example, by setting up special offers specific to the local area, and by building a reputation as a local champion, you can really capture the imagination of the community."


To find out how your business can improve its exposure within the local area and to find out more about the results of the Newmarket survey, contact Ian Clemson at The Best of Newmarket.

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