Telephone spoofing - Beware
23rd October 2015
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No bank should phone and ask for personal information!

Remember, no bank will phone you and ask for your personal information let alone ask you to transfer your monies into other accounts!

They might even suggest you ring back on the number you have for the bank but of course they hold your line open and you might think you’ve got through but you are still talking to these baddies.


What should I do?

The general advice is to wait 5 to 10mins before ringing back to give time for your line to get released, but preferably ring from either a mobile if you have one or ask a neighbour if you can use their phone.

Alternatively ring a friend or someone known to you and if they don't answer, you will immediately know you are still talking to these baddies.

As a rule, if you are not happy with the call, use another phone to call the police to report it.

Remember, as a rule, no financial institution will ring you asking for your personal details and never suggest you move accounts due to suspicious activities on your accounts.

Unfortunately these types of callers are becoming smarter in the way they operate.  Just be aware and if you have any feeling that something is not right, put the phone down!  Contact your bank directly yourself or the police and report it.

Be aware and be safe!

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