Shopping in Newmarket for children’s clothes can be stress-free at Monkerillas
31st May 2012
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After months of jumpers, jeans and all things warm and cosy, the sunshine and warm weather took me by surprise.


One day I have my boots and coat on, the next I am rustling through my drawers trying to find something to keep me cool. Not only do I have a serious lack of summer clothing, my fast growing toddler has the same clothing dilemma.


Children learn through exploration, and interaction. It has been said many times that playing is one of the best ways for a child to learn. A child’s thirst for knowledge is often what makes shopping a bit of a nightmare. One minute your child is stood next to you quietly, the next minute they have spotted something far more interesting and are itching to go and have a look. With this in mind, I cannot describe my delight when I discovered Monkerillas.


Monkerillas is a unique children’s clothing boutique situated on Old Station Road, Newmarket. This wonderful shop puts an end to the whinge of a bored child as you browse through the clothing rails. It has its own play area where your little one can go and draw.


So now that your youngster is taken care of, you can browse through the fun clothing ranges on offer. Monkerillas offers clothing aged 0 to 8 years old. Whether you are looking for a summer outfit or something specific you are sure to find what you are looking for. With brands such as Frugi, Hatley and Mayoral (amongst others) to browse through, you are sure to find clothing too match your child’s personality.


If you find that you have bags of clothes which no longer fit your child, but are still in fantastic condition after been worn a few times, youll be pleased to hear that Newmarket shop, Monkerillas buy nearly new clothing. Why let them go to waste? Sell them and you can put the money towards a much needed summer wardrobe.


For high quality new and nearly new clothing take a trip to Monkerillas; further details can be found on their thebestof Newmarket feature.

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