Seven steps to get your Newmarket business noticed
12th February 2010
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It can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle when it comes to marketing your Newmarket business and making people take notice.


By following these seven simple yet effective steps, you can make your business stand out from the crowd:


  1. Sing from the rooftops! Use a variety of mediums to showcase your values and professionalism, such as press releases, case studies and testimonials. When it comes to recommendations, websites such as LinkedIn and thebestof can help make your clients' testimonials look genuine, rather than just information on your website.
  2. Always under-promise and over-deliver. This means that when you deliver before the specified deadline, you come across as enthusiastic, professional and dependable.
  3. Create a niche. Focus on one area of the market and then become the 'resident expert' for clients in the industry. Your referrals will increase and marketing costs will decrease as potential customers seek you out.
  4. Tell people about your expert knowledge. If you have a specific skill or knowledge of a subject, you will become an essential supplier in the eyes of your customers.
  5. Know your strengths and weaknesses. You can't be good at everything, so instead, capitalise on the things you're good at and find someone else to manage your weaker areas.
  6. Ask questions. This will both demonstrate your interest and commitment to your clients and may also uncover additional opportunities that you can help them with.
  7. Follow up with your clients on a regular basis. It's simple - it's much cheaper to retain your current customers than to seek out new prospects. Offer exceptional service and customer care, check the status of current projects, ask for feedback and ask for repeat orders.
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