Sainsbury’s loses out in Newmarket, David and Goliath style!
13th May 2011
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Plans to replace the Clean Machine laundrette on Exning Road in Newmarket with a Sainsbury's supermarket store have been thrown out, much to the delight of local residents.


In a true battle of the local stance versus the supermarket giant, the store’s dreams were dashed after planning permission was denied on the basis of parking, safety and congestion issues on Exning Road.


Groups set up to campaign against the proposed plan have been left elated and no doubt with an enormous sense of community! With the local shop under threat, forecasted anti social behaviour and an influx of traffic set to escalate the road dangers, Sainsbury’s was never a popular option.


The moral of this story? If you have an issue or threat to your local community, make it loud and say it proud, as its not always the big boys that win!


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