Remember! Remember! Newmarket in November!
24th October 2011
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Well, and October too, as this year, Bonfire Night sets to explode with excitement and light up our lives with a series of firework displays in the Newmarket area from 28th October 2011!


Whichever area of the region you are in, there are sparklers and Catherine wheels, rockets and firecrackers to fire up the fun in over the weekend of the 5th November, with many holding BBQ’s, charitable donations and long tradition all in aid of hosting a fantastic evening for the locals.


Tickets are on sale from many of the major outlets in the area’s such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s, particularly for the major event on the 5th November at Bury St Edmunds Abbey, where a whopping £10,000 worth of fireworks will be going up in flames to light up the sky at 19.30.


Take a look and see where you will be admiring the sky from by checking out BANG! for more details.



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