Police warn Newmarket residents not to ruin Christmas by drink driving
30th November 2010
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Drivers across Newmarket are being urged not to ruin Christmas for their families by drink driving.

Cambridge and Newmarket Police launched their Twelve Crimes of Christmas campaign this week that aims to highlight the dangers and consequences they could potentially face if caught breaking the law during the festive season.

With drink driving offences normally increasing over Christmas, local Police chiefs have warned drivers not to risk the chance of losing their license and to use public transport and taxis instead.



Tony Barrios, Newmarket's casualty reduction officer, explained the main purpose of the campaign: “We want Christmas to be a happy time for all the county's residents and that means we will be clamping down on all law-breakers.



“Every year, people who are usually law-abiding citizens will, for some reason, chose to drive while drunk or high on drugs. It is a very serious crime and those who commit it should be prepared to be treated as a criminal.



“Getting behind the wheel under the influence of drink or drugs puts yourself, and other road users, in danger. It can wreck lives and we will not tolerate such behaviour.



“The message is clear. If you are caught drink or drug-driving, you will lose your licence or even face a prison sentence. With money tight and jobs at a premium, can you really afford to put your livelihood at risk?



“People should think long and hard about how they would support themselves and their family in the New Year if they lost their licence and their job.”


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