Plans to remove Newmarket’s much-used household waste site leaves a bad smell with the locals!
24th February 2011
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Plans backed by Councillor Lisa Chambers - the Waste Chief for the area incidentally - have outraged locals as they will now have to travel out of Newmarket to deposit their waste and recyclable items.



The removal of the site has sparked concern for fly tipping in the area as the new sites will be difficult to access for some of Newmarket's residents.



Cost cutting is at the core of this decision, with £2.3 million looking to be cut from the recycling and waste budget, which encompasses more closures across the area affecting at least 17 jobs.



Unfortunately for Councillor Chambers, not all her fellow chamber members are supportive of her decision.



“This is a disgraceful decision and Cllr Chambers should hang her head in shame. Newmarket is the biggest town in Forest Heath and its waste site should have been retained."



Strong words from Cllr Warwick Hirst, chairman of Newmarket Town Council’s community services committee!


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