Newmarket’s Dib Dib Dob Dob is as popular as ever!
29th April 2011
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With Youth Groups and children becoming savvier, younger, you would be forgiven for thinking that the popularity of the scouting and girl guiding of our childhoods has began to wane, but the Newmarket District Scouts have seen a 150% rise in membership over the last 6 years!


Scouting first started back with Lord Robert Baden-Powell’s vision of bringing boys together to teach and encourage initiative and leadership following the war years, and since then some 28 million boys and more recently girls have taken the oath and sworn in as Scouts.


This is a great achievement for Newmarket Scouts, and if you have children not already yet involved, it is a fantastic opportunity to help them grow as people and in knowledge.


To find out more about Newmarket District Scouts, call Steve Taylor on 0845 094 3243


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