Newmarket School takes entry into the digital age to new heights!
10th May 2011
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For parents and pupils at Fairstead House Preparatory School, gone are the days of the letter home to advise of teacher training days, lunches, and field trips, which more often that not are found at best a few days after the RSVP was due.


Fairstead has become the first school in the area to have its own IPhone App to hold such information at the finger tips to those who need it! The app was devised to provide instant information to parents on a tight schedule, keep both parents and pupils up to date with activities at the school, and is also set up to provide bespoke messaging to individual users.


If you can remember when the internet first came out, and Windows 93 was the jaw dropping step up in technology the world had been waiting for, you will agree that we are today, truly in the modern age! Now...where did I park my spaceship…?


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